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With a notable motorsport heritage, the 8six400 team has a wealth of experience understanding the specific requirements for apparel, fashion trends and merchandising, alongside a unique appreciation of what sustainability really means in the textile industry.       

Alongside producing clothing and accessories which utilise plastic waste, recycled cotton and latest innovations such as recycled oyster shells as insulation in winter jacket. 8six400 embrace what we call a ‘positive environmental impact’ in circular fashion. For instance, each cap is made from 8 recycled plastic bottles, and for every 100,000 caps approximately 15 tonnes of plastic is recycled.          

The brand name - 8six400 ‘Every Second Counts’ - is rooted in the motorsport world; in racing, every second counts, and a single second can be the difference between a loss or a victory. This mantra also applies to the environmental issues we face. Every second will count in making the Earth a better place.

 8six400 was founded in 2021 by Peter Hall, later partnering up with Nigel Addison who brings fashion industry expertise into the business. Having spent most of his life in motor racing designing team kits and merchandise lines for a number of teams including Formula 1 and Le Mans, Peter launched the 8six400 at Le Mans with United Autosport. From there, 8six400 entered Extreme E, partnering with Andretti. Following on from this success, the company worked with Jota Sport at Le Mans providing caps to the team who subsequently won the race. Looking to build the brand, 8six400 ended up in talks with Ferrari and so the course was set, making this latest partnership deal with Ferrari particularly special for the company.              

Peter emphasises: “Being a sustainable apparel brand working exclusively in motorsport, we understand the sport inside and out. Partnering with the most prestigious motor racing entity in the world is an honour and firmly places our sustainability message on a global stage. We have a passionate dedication to our work, and collaborating with Ferrari is beyond a privilege for us. With our vast experience, I still see that sustainable team kit and merchandise is an opportunity largely overlooked, especially when every team and organisation in the sport can make a positive environmental impact by introducing sustainable apparel. This is just the start of what we can achieve through such a meaningful partnership with Ferrari.”